A friend from Australia called me recently and asked me what's wrong. After all the chaos of the past few months, the problem of my discomfort was getting clearer as the pain kept receding. For the first time, I could explain to her what I actually felt without it sounding desperate or frustrated because for … Continue reading Help


Wailing silently For my wings are broken My soul is silent And my heart is cold Cornered by my devils Suffocated among my thoughts Asking myself "why" And "why not" What am I missing For I can hear the deaf sing For I can see the blind smile And the mute laugh I have tried before … Continue reading Try


As I scroll though my phone book, I realize I have no one to call, for today I can trust no one, not even my own reflection. I have pushed so many people away for I feared betrayal. Today is a day where the toll of walking alone for so long has finally caught up. Nothing … Continue reading Alone


The red lights and the shiny disco ball, illuminating the Kingdom of Sin. Caressing a glass with the elixir of life, holding the high in my head, letting go of my inhibitions as I watch this she devil swirl around the pole of truth. Showing off her many qualities in the name of assets, leaving … Continue reading Sin