The End

“Would you love again?”
That was the last question of probably our last session.

Between acknowledging the question and being aware of it, my mind started to rewind the past year and a half.
The first day I had walked into his office, I was a complete mess.
My Insomnia had taken a turn for the worst because I hadn’t slept for 9 months except for an hour each night.

A broken heart and a betrayal left me completely hopeless. Depression set in, proving to be the last nail in my coffin. Or that is what I perceived.
My mind had made monsters out of my fears and I was standing on the edge of suicide.
I had come to the conclusion that there was nothing more to life and no respite for the pain.

The only thing keeping my head above water was the intent to fix what was broken even if it meant collecting the smallest of fragments.

At first I was very defensive and paranoid but I knew what needed to be done.

I let go !

Two white elongated pills and I was knocked out for the better part of the first night. And since then I haven’t looked back.
Over the months I learn’t the difference between giving up and letting go and realized the present will always be “Ideal” for there is no way of knowing what could have been.

Today for the most part, I sense I am not broken but have gained a limp. A limp that I have to live with and that’s okay, for its my totem to remind me that it was all very real.

“Would you love again?”
The only thing I could do was smile 🙂

And this is Farewell !

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