As I scroll though my phone book, I realize I have no one to call, for today I can trust no one, not even my own reflection. I have pushed so many people away for I feared betrayal.

Today is a day where the toll of walking alone for so long has finally caught up. Nothing seems to make sense and I want to run away from my reality. A taxi ride, a plane ticket. Gone !

Never to look back for it would only to prove to be a bitter memory.
Heck sometimes I wish I was an optimist and not a realist. At least that way, the glass would have always been half full.

So many promises remain unfulfilled, so many goals remain unconquered, so many pains remain without any respite and so many dreams remain broken. Its like fighting a losing battle that has no end. Maybe dreams are dreamt for they are meant to be broken.

Maybe I am destined to be the bum on the street corner. Watching people go by while I hold my hand out for some chum change. Maybe I am that man who dies and my body is thrown away with other garbage.
Maybe I’ll disappear into non-existence, never to be found again !

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