High on prescription pills, my mind settles down like a mature gentle man sitting on the parapet wall watching the circus of life come alive.

Here at this moment as the last bit of me fades away, I sigh of relief and contentment. Finally registering the world around me.

And so today I cry not because of your absence but because the pain is finally over. I still gather the pieces of my heart, but with a lightness in my feet.

No more am I bound by you, no more do I have to feel this pain. If there was a God, I would have celebrated it with him.
The idea of you and me in today’s world is impossible, we have both moved on to very different planes in life.

I will never know why you hated me, but its okay I guess, for you at least had feelings for me albeit it being hate. Its Still Something šŸ™‚

Ok bye !!!!!!

To all my Friends, (Lomdi, Anu, Azaan, Lam, Shaks included) thanks for being there, meant a lot to me .

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