And now its time to say goodbye,

To the Diva of Darkness,
Why court death, for death is already courting you. The lines on your forehead are evident of that.
They say life is a ‘force’ that all of us are experiencing at the same time and therefore we are conscious of ourselves and others around us.
So remove the barriers made up of expectations, be consciously aware of who you truly are and make peace with it.
We are all different and that’s what makes life vibrant.
So stop resisting life and instead, let it throttle you forward, heck you may even experience Happiness.

To the one I love,
From the deepest part of my heart to the ends of the universe, Infinity to Infinity (always).
You made me believe in love again and I couldn’t and cannot love anyone more than you.
It was all so real to me for you loved me more than I could give back in return.
All the dreams we concocted, to all the plans we drew up which also included a black ‘Saree’, the Swiss Alps and a very famous song, came to a standstill in the face of reality.
The only things I have left now, is a small prayer and a few broken pieces of us.

And last but not least.
To everyone else, far and near, close and distant, kind and cruel, fair and unfair, thank you for being a part of my journey.
For the one’s who taught me to how to accept myself and to the one’s who accepted me for who I am, I am eternally grateful to you.
The one’s who left and to the one’s I walked away from, no hard feelings.
And finally to the one’s who have stuck around, abhi to picture baaki hai mere dost !

For everything that has a beginning has an ending !
And this is my cue !


…for we may never meet again !

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