The red lights and the shiny disco ball, illuminating the Kingdom of Sin.

Caressing a glass with the elixir of life, holding the high in my head, letting go of my inhibitions as I watch this she devil swirl around the pole of truth.
Showing off her many qualities in the name of assets, leaving me grinning at my dumbfounded disbelief.

She looks over at me and I wink, motioning her to come over for my morality was left at the entrance and my conscience was chained to the door.

Walking over with the strut of a queen, smiling only because she knows that her trap has caught her prey.

“Hi ! ” She said, intoxicating me with her sultry smile and fire in her eyes.
“Hello Sweetheart” the whisky doing all the talking.
“So what ca ….(inaudible)” I couldn’t make out what she was trying to say or maybe I was too distracted by her which made me hear my own heart pounding inside my ear.
I pointed my finger towards my ear, explaining to her that I couldn’t hear.

Suddenly  her smile changes to that of a vixen, and she draws herself closer.
Her perfume mixed with her essence fills my nostrils and my head explodes with endorphin’s, leaving me in a state of bliss.
“So what can I offer you ?” she whispers into my ear with a tone of seduction.
“The world is broken outside and I came here for the truth” said I.

She laughed and pulled me even closer, and said “For that you have to  Sin


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