Hello Dear Reader,

This post is about my journey on “Entrepreneurship” and Life, which aren’t mutually exclusive, encapsulating the last 5 years.

I was born into a privileged family and my father is a true representation of the “Rags to Riches” story. I was brought up on ideals, because I could afford them.
For the first 25 years of my life, I followed the convention- get a degree, work for someone else, prove your worth and then work for your own. And I did everything to the ‘T’. But it wasn’t enough!

For me Entrepreneurship was like stepping off the edge of a mountain, which I did. I was hoping to fly but instead I hit the ground faster than you can say “Entrepreneur” .

The first hurdle presented itself.
How do you stand up and walk in a different direction when you know there is an elevator behind you that will take you back to the top?
Well parents being parents, gave into my whims and also provided me with enough to survive, letting me stay at home with a promise of hot food on the table.

The first year was a whirlwind. My first idea died before it could even see the light of day. In 8 months I was back to where I fell.
My father took pity on me and gave me a job.
But I had already changed too much. I quit and this time I took the stairs and walked back down the mountain. When I looked back, I understood the first lesson my father taught me, that everything in the world has a price tag.
My father had completely stopped talking to me after what I had done.

Along the way, I found my first friend, who went on to partner up with me on our venture.
We realized we had a similar love for coffee and an idea started brewing at the depths of our sub-conscious.
This idea gave birth to “Beanstalk & Leaves”, and so began our slow but cautiously sure climb towards a new platform. But even I couldn’t anticipate what lay ahead.
Unfortunately, the partnership was limited and the price for breaking away was our friendship.
Even till this day, he comes into my dreams where we sit and sip our respective brews, talking about the universe around us. Who knew that between the ‘chaos’ and ‘order’, there was always conversation.
Alas, I lost a true friend .
Albeit our friendship lasted for 3 years, but I knew we were friends for life.

In midst of all of this, at the age I am at, I fell in love with a girl, who was actually a woman. When I think about it now, it was her smile that caught my attention. It had the power to light up the world. I dived right into the deep end, and instead of rising to break the surface, I sank to the deepest and darkest places of my mind.
In darkness, the pain my thoughts construed manifested in the form of physical pain which I never thought could happen.

A fallen partnership and a broken heart!
Through all of this I somehow still managed to find a way to smile and tell the curious customer in front of me about my coffee. This was the only thing that truly belonged to me that was real.

A year has passed, and today I run the venture all by myself. In addition to the venture, I work for my father, but for free.
My venture keeps taking me forward and working for my father helps me lessen the burden of the debt I owe him.

On a whole, I am the guy who has a nice shirt on, paired with a pair of worn out denims, driving his father’s BMW.

When I open my palm, I still have nothing! The only difference is, that the lines of destiny have shifted.

And tomorrow is a new day !

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