As I think about the world around me, the illusion that is made up of people and their perspective, and that we are all enamored by distractions, for its just so

At the end of it all, it  comes down to value and maybe a bit of faith for without belief, a piece of paper couldn’t have held so much value.
We seem to have found value in material objects that we believe capture human imagination, it’s just like putting a price on a “thought” and on the other hand have found a reason to not look at human value or if I might say value of a human.

So if I took ‘value’ as a constant, just like time, and actually divide people and specifically their emotions by a certain value set by  the human perspective, it will bring me to a certain understanding of our being.

A man/woman does have a price its just that his/her perspective on “value” differs.
At the end of it we always feel bad about losing someone of high value and feel sad about losing someone who values us.

And surprisingly we are taught that everyone is equal which is against the very  human design that is woven around ‘value’, for value always determines the difference between the rates of existence between individuals.

It surprises us how it makes us feel a little guilty if we set a certain price to everything and anybody, but isn’t that the natural inclination ?



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