Bad Habit

I have this bad habit of reaching out to the past when I feel a moment of exemplary happiness.

Introspecting, I realise, I was inspired somewhere in my past. No wonder today and yesterday seem to be one of ‘surviving’ and not of truly ‘living’.

Someone a long time ago told me “You will meet the most unexpected people who come from the most unexpected places”  ( I may have mentioned this already).  And it’s so true.

Slowly but surely, I have started making peace with my demons but the one demon that still seems to haunt me is the memory of her.

My brain goes into complete overdrive trying to figure out a way to move on. I am definitely aware of the fact that there is nothing I can do to change anything because if there was, I would have done it already.
I wish she was an obsession, for everything I obsess about gets boring after a point.

Logically it doesn’t make any sense. How can I be in love with someone who was more virtual than real, who I only met once in my life? But then again love is never logical.
I truly wish there was a formula that I could use to solve this equation. Even today, every time I come across somebody smiling, my brain automatically pulls out a picture of her

Somebody once described love to be a tragedy for how can something so beautiful leave a person completely crippled.

‘Hope’ still plays the part of being my “Ball and chain” and maybe that’s why I am not ready to accept and let go.




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