For everything that has happened, for every dream dreamt and for every thought that occurred due to circumstances that were a direct result of following an illicit path which involved the madness of idealism, finally, comes to an end.

I march on through the night, leaving behind the idea of a pseudo-reality that existed by my own minds concoctious nature.
Everything in life comes to an end, even happiness and so I end this cycle which remains long overdue.

Definitely was very interesting while it lasted. Saw so many sides to me that I never thought could exist.
Unfortunately, with this post, comes an end to my writing for nothing substantial seems to excite me anymore nor anyone I find capable enough to be a muse.

I walked away so many times that at the end of it I figured, I was walking in circles for I always ended up where I started.

By my standards, I have made a real mess of things for I was desperate for a different answer to so many questions. But alas there cannot be any excuse for my ineptitude to handle my shortcomings.

And now, it’s time for me to disappear.

To Live and to let Live!





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