A classmate of mine from school passed away very recently. He allegedly committed suicide. It left me shell shocked.
I haven’t been able to stop thinking about him.
He was a genius musician and back in school, he would bring life to classes with his antics.

I always thought this guy was going to make it huge in the music industry scene and he was slowly getting there. He now lives in memories, which is very saddening. Another flame extinguished.

It made me realise, that all of us are fighting our own battles and worse some of us are alone. The difference between life and death can be one single moment and a push over the threshold of the living. Gone.

It definitely made a very solid impression with me. An impression which reminds me that life can truly be a bitch, the only thing I can do is control the way I react.

I made an effort and reached out to an old friend of mine, who of course ripped me apart for walking away from her. But it felt good that she hadn’t changed and it even felt better that she forgave me.

All these events, one after the other managed to break away the barrier that kept me in darkness.

Life is too short and no one can control it. Might as well live every moment of it, even if it means smiling and laughing through the toughest of times for crying never helped anybody.

Guess in death too, you can find a reason to live.

Dear KJ,
You were an inspired spirit and I am very sad you aren’t with us anymore. If there is a heaven, I hope you are playing your heart out!
We will definitely meet again. Until then Rest In Peace
Cheers Mate!

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