Snap !

We always have pity for that woman who lives alone and has only cats for company. We end up calling her “The Crazy Cat Woman” .Or that homeless man with a big beard, smelly clothes and yellow teeth who we end up calling a “bum”, and we do everything in our power to avoid them or less become like them.

But none of us understand what he or she has gone through, to be where they are. Maybe someone broke the woman’s heart and she snapped only to make her lifeless and paranoid. She takes solace in her cats, knowing that they won’t hurt her.
Maybe the man had a house, family and was successful at some point, but something dramatic happened and he snapped, losing his will to continue, losing his will to live.

And these become an example of why we should never fear breaking the bubble or even snapping out of our comfort zone. The only difference is that when you snap out of it, it should not be because your forced to do it, but because you want to.

Instead of fearing what is beyond you, fill your guts with aggression and forge your will with fire and break those glass doors.
You will fall, and bleed but history only remembers the ones who got up and started running. The ones who kissed their pain goodbye and punched their way through the filth of the world making it to the top , screaming with a tone of fearlessness and pure intimidation.

For sometimes, enough becomes too much and life ain’t about getting pushed around, its about pushing back and punching the very lights out !



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