It surprising how we all tend to bend and tip toe around people to comply with a certain image of being nice. And personally, I take it to far.
After a certain point in life, I believe there comes a time in life when you comprise your emotions and feeling into a phrase that is seldom used to describe one of the most unapologetically relieving sentiments that you can ever express and that phrase is “Fuck Off” (and don’t forget the finger).

And why I say seldom used because we are always trying to be nice to people. We might want to say it out loud but we end up being nice. After all, we are conditioned to give a damn about other people and their image of us.
To that, I say ‘fuck it’.

We all need to stop apologising for who we are and own up. Just because you are not nice, doesn’t mean you are flawed.

Put people in their place, show people the door and tell them it wasn’t nice meeting you.

Because at the end of it all, life is too short and apologising for who you are is a complete waste of time.

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