And maybe we are all different and I am different from the ‘different’.

I awaken to a whole new perspective and come to terms with a very brutal fact which in turn has lead me onto a whole new horizon of understanding.

I poured my heart out one too many times and maybe because I obsessed over something as unquantifiable as love. Just like hope, love is nothing but a distraction.

Reality remains the same, truthful and unforgiving. It doesn’t change, but we always find an excuse to put on our rose tinted glasses.

And so I come to a more acceptable conclusion that I may have been in love, but I have  never been subjected to being loved. Maybe somewhere deep down I always wanted to believe that if I raised the stakes and went all in, it would matter. I stand corrected.

And so if destiny has put me on the path of complete desolation, so be it.

A broken reality is better than a deluded dream.

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