Hello Sweetheart,

Here we are again but this is a different kind of post. A post that concludes my madness about you.
For a whole year, relevant questions have driven me up the wall for the answers always eluded me but today we answer them.

What were you to me? What did you mean to me ?
Realistically, you were a Diva. With a blink of an eye you could go from being warm to ice cold, who exhibited traits that could have been proven to be difficult if I hypothetically lived with you. But then again I was in love and knew the reality that you were. Behind all this facade was a girl who was hidden behind layers of pain, whose soul I managed to touch.Or at least that’s what I believed.
Was I ready to give up my world to be with you ? Yes very much so!

And now the second question.
Why did you keep a tab on me after you rejected me ? Were you trying to be kind ?
After months of deliberation which pushed me to the edge which I almost walked off , I started to piece everything together. The right thing for you to do was to log off from my life entirely but that never happened. Every once in a while you would make sure I was reminded of you. And to be honest it always frazzled me. I would even go so far to bet that you knew what it did to me.
I convinced myself for a length of time that you secretly harbored feelings for me and now when I think about it, I was just incoherent.

Were you the greatest thing that has ever happened to me up till now ? Yes !
But am I going to become a part of a tale you re-tell? No !

I am not going to be your magnum opus.

And so I un-love you !



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