A very late Saturday night or a Sunday, very early in the morning always ends up as a time where the most animated conversations take place between me and my father.

A little background about my father. He is and has been a very successful entrepreneur.
He has made it large and of course I have lived a very lavish life because of his success. Lets just say I had my own Beamer at the age of 23.

So today’s question was, how different am I from his 29 year old self? And the answer lied in one very definite word ,”very”.

And so he began with a list, starting with the fact that he was very aggressive and was extremely sharp. He took a lot of risks and also mentioned, how he became a general manager of a company at the same age as I am today, with 250 people working under him.
I am sitting in front of him, and in my head I am like “Fuck, that definitely is something.”

I was truly intimidated, heck I haven’t done shit in my life. Of course I started my own company and got a product going, but it still a very small accomplishment.

But he never stopped there. He must have been observing my expressions and he said something that got me thinking. He said “I was aggressive because I had nothing, but in your case you have everything and have seen everything, so you might not have a strong enough reason to be as aggressive as me”

It hit me. It was the truth. He made it because he had nothing to begin with and I am trying to make it only to prove a point.
His reason and resolution have always had a much stronger base whereas mine might have always been a “put on” face mask of a resolution.

And finally to end the night, he said “Destiny plays a part too, so don’t underestimate it. Never know what might happen. Everyone is different and have very different talents. Instincts play a very important role and each one’s instincts suit them the best”

All of this got me thinking. Somewhere down the line, I as his son have always compared myself to him. And today I realize, there isn’t a comparison.
I can only do my best, for its just the way it is.

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