Is this a game we are playing? To see how far we go in trying to prove who is better at moving on?
Well if it is, I never played to win and that I promise.

I already told you, I wasn’t kidding when I said you were the one. But then again you left me no choice, and I walked away.
I apologised for being a dreamer and even a contender. Yes, you showed me my place. A place among the untouchables.

From this distance, I can still see you but I am not the same. Your memories are starting to have a lesser effect on me.
Earlier, I was broken in so many places, that to put myself back together I actually contended, if it was worth it or not.

I admit I still smile when I see your name pop up. Guess some habits die hard.

Now the question that really needs to be answered is, what do you want?
And you very well know why this question is being asked
As far as I am concerned, you can have anything you want but yes, the price is set very high!
A price that you may not be able to afford.

This post is not a reaction but a response. A fair response.
Sometimes I wish you were just somebody, anybody because after all this time I wouldn’t have given a damn.

Guess even I don’t understand how deeply you meant to me, that I still resonate when you surprise me now and again.

The only thing different now is, that I am not going to drone on after this post.


P.S There is another girl in my life. And if everything works out, I am going to do right by her. Do what needs to be done or I will .

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