Whatever said and done, we always strive to be someone else. Always creating avatars so as to resemble the “perfections”, the world has to offer. The “perfections” who hack into our perception for there are supposedly unsaid rules of what is right and what is wrong, what is fair and what isn’t, what is accepted and what remains unaccepted.

To all the above, the only thing I say is “Fuck It”. And to top it all, I say, if they don’t like what I am and or will become of my own doing, then I am sorry but I wasn’t born to please anyone especially all the fucktards who seem to have a say of what I am and what I am not, what I should or should not be.

To be honest, I am the asshole you don’t want to encounter, even on your best days.
I am governed by moral fibre made of human emotions and logic. If my logic is right by my emotions and I am fair to myself, then everyone else, don’t really matter.

So the moral of this fucking story is, please, with a big fuckin “P”, be yourself.
Where to start you say? First, know who you are and accept yourself and then you can exhibit who you really are, and if people don’t like who you are, guess what, they were never good for you anyway. So move on to better things and better people.

Stop apologising for who you are and have it in you to say “Fuck all of it”

Cheers !





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