Questions seem to be the theme of my thoughts presently. Or to put it in a more relatable sense, it’s all the insecurities tied up neatly in the form of questions that haunt me.
And all these questions have made me afraid of people and made me afraid of myself.

When I look back now and see how I have conducted myself in the past few months, I feel ashamed of myself.
And I think shame, if used right, can be a very powerful tool to keep one in line with their goals.

Sometimes, it’s not your own loss, when you fail, that pulls you down, but the expression of disappointment on the face of people who look up to you, that breaks your heart.

It is tough to stand up and fight again after you have taken a hard fall and it so easy to lay back and forget about standing up again, letting life take it’s on course.
That’s when you ask yourself, will you be able to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself whether you did justice to your potential and capabilities by just laying around because you gave up on your dreams.
And that’s where shame comes in.
Shame is that thing that keeps you away from regret!

It allows you to be hard on yourself so that you don’t take life and time for granted and enjoy the fruits it bears, with a pinch of salt.






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