Today seems to be a better day than the one’s I have been having.

As I get closer to realising my 29 years in this cycle called life, I seem to introspect.

I realise the number of memories, every year seem to keep going up but also some of them mash together somewhere, blurring the lines between time periods.

Of course, as the year goes by, some things never change. People come and go and a very few truly remain.

At first, I believed that it was entirely my fault that people left, but as I grow older, I realise people are just different from me and their paths don’t really run parallel to mine and instead they take their own shape. And most of the time, they weed away into the darkness, leaving no trace behind and life keeps moving forward.


A certain routine and discipline seem to keep things in perspective but not necessarily balanced. The balancing is always based on how much effort I put into keeping things stable and of course, it requires a lot of hard work!

I confess that I have been thinking about my destiny, even though I always believed in being control

But I guess the only thing we are truly in control of is the choices we make and it’s always regardless of the outcome.


Guess here is where life begins!    

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