And then there was silence. Was the ending a happy one? We may never know.
Dreams of an ideal outcome were dreamt. A life full of adventure and madness, together with an ideal partner, envisioned.
But in the end, there was only silence.

A fair compromise against the hell my mind concocted based on frivolous assumptions.
Guess everything happens for a reason.

I am afraid, the heart still holds on, hoping and praying for some magic and a belief that whatever we shared was real and not a figment of our imagination.

As I struggle through my battles, I use my last breath to take your name. Just like they pray to a ‘God’ when in pain, your name reminds me of my greatest pain and all else seems to fall away.

My day comes to an end, pausing all my strife, leaving me to my thoughts that resonate in the silence that surrounds me.

You, the centre of this web, reminding me of a failure that is greater than the failure that human nature represents.

All the thoughts reduced to a smiling face, making me wonder if I ever will feel the same way again for another.

And maybe movies were made to take control away from a ‘God’ who supposedly exhibited control over life, giving us the chance to understand, how it should feel when we get what we want.

All of this noise, loud and clear whilst I stare into an emptiness, where nothing moves and sound is but a distraction.


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