As I progress and keep pushing myself harder to attain a higher form of myself, I realize that I have to keep raising my standards, with respect to, people and my own actions.

One of the toughest challenges is to define the fine line between ego and a cold calculative response, which is surprising, for each of the above attributes is fueled by very different elements.

Somewhere down the line my focus has gotten distorted and I seem to have gone down a path where I have mingled with lesser minds and lost my sense, of being a better man than what I am.

Over time I am coming to accept that I am different. My perception of the world is different and being different comes with a cost. A cost I am ready to pay.

Somewhere in my past I was asked to be humble for it was the right thing to do. But on the way someone whispered that pride is important to be competent, for being proud of what one does, brings out the best in us.

Since then there has been this fight between the two spheres and humility seems to have become a tool for the have-nots, a tool they use to convince me that they should be considered equal and I should be humble. But humility cannot be taught and this tool is nothing but a way for people to step all over me.

We never can really live for others and if trusting in oneself defines an outcome not suitable for the masses or people around us, so be it !

Show the finger and carry on forward.
Let everyone else find a corner and go fuck themselves.


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