I never knew that my destiny involved a tryst with antidepressants!
Yes, Dear Reader, I have finally taken the plunge. A plunge which is even today deeply criticised and looked down upon as a weakness.
Can’t really come back from that.

Yes, I am weak, and I have no shame in admitting it.

The above statement is not supposed to come across as arrogant but as a way of acknowledging that I possess a weakness.
A weakness I am ready to work on, a weakness that one day will become my strength, a weakness that I will over come only to be fearless again.

We sometimes get stuck in a vicious cycle of the past and tend to beat our selves with it till it reaches a breaking point.
But life is not supposed to be lived in the past but instead, it should be aimed towards the future with the intent of living to the fullest in the present.
Interestingly this vicious cycle represents a broken image of yourself. Can’t move forward and can’t turn back time, just stuck watching time go by.

But what is broken should be fixed, or atleast that’s what I believe in.
So yes, there is a certain part of me that is broken and it has to be fixed. And no I can’t fix it on my own. So I reached out and got help.

It’s been two days, and things in my head have started to clear up.
I realised that moving on or breaking a vicious cycle requires one to grow up a little.

Guess somewhere down the line I had forgotten to be happy and let others be!

Oh well, this is another step on the road to recovery!

Cheers !


Disclamier: I don’t advise the use of antidepressants nor I advise against it.



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