After a very miserable point in your life, when everything in your head starts slowing down and the chaos cedes to order, it finally hits you.
You suddenly stop feeling fucked up and realize what and why it actually happened.

I will give you an example with the help of my experience. If any of you are stuck, I hope this helps.

I was in love but it never got reciprocated. And it made me miserable. On top of that every time I tried walking away, I couldn’t ! Just like Icarus flew too close to the sun, I got too close.  For a year and half I was fucking miserable and the worst was the last six months.

And then it hit me, like cool air on a hot day. I finally realized what I had to do, to stop feeling fucked up. The logic was simple.
If someone made you feel so miserable without any respite, are they really worth it ? Even though you might have been in love with them, and may even think of them with the highest of regards, is it right for you to be miserable because of them. I think not.

When I look back, I realized I lost a whole year over someone who actually might not be worth it after all.
There is a point in life, where the pain of being miserable crosses the threshold of your own personal tolerance and that’s when you ask yourself, is this pain really worth it ?
No Pain , no gain they said. Agreed.

I lost all my pain and gained a whole lot of wisdom.

Would I go back to loving this person ? No. Never. For once something is deemed
unworthy you can’t put a value to it for it becomes valueless.





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